What’s the Matter Sydney? You Never Saw a Jumping Eyes Skull Phone Before?

Just in time for Halloween, we have – wait, what? Wrong holiday? Halloween was two months ago? Oh.

Better late than never. If you want your next landline telephone experience to be an eye-popping one, you can grab one of these Jumping Eyes Skull Phones. At the very least, you can take pleasure in freaking out your guests. I don’t know if they’ll be coming back once they see this thing, though. As you might expect, the eyeballs in this skull pop out when someone gives you a call, which you can answer with the bone handset. It’s also a nice symbolic statement on the state of the landline telephone itself – one foot in the grave.

You can go with the Ceramic White model, but personally, I prefer the Terminator vibes I’m getting from the Black Copper and Shiny Silver models. You can buy a Jumping Eyes Skull Phone from gadget.brando.com for $25. Alas, poor landline! I knew him, a fellow of infinite minutes, of most excellent sound quality.

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