Lenovo K1 Tablet Sees More Airports Than You Might in a Lifetime

Companies always talk about how great their tablets are for traveling, and recently Lenovo went the extra mile, or thousands of miles, to prove that their Ideapad k1 Tablet is really the ideal travel companion. Lenovo accomplished this by teaming up with Southwest airlines and comedian Owen Benjamin. Arming Owen with their K1 tablet, they had Owen become the ultimate jet setter – in one month he managed to visit 62 unique airports, with a total of 88 airports visited in total. All along the way he had his trusty K1 tablet to keep him occupied and help him stay sane. He used the K1 to tweet, take photos, and even create and edit movies which he posted to his Funny on the Fly web site.

Running Android 3.1, the IdeaPad k1 tablet packs in a 10.1″ 1280 x 800 display, a 1GHz Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 1MP front-facing camera, along with a 5MP rear-facing camera that can record 720p video, and it also comes packed with tons of software including Lenovo SocialTouch, ArcSoft PowerMobia, Video Player, PowerMobia Video Editor, Photo Workshop, Bookshelf Arcsoft Cloud, Slacker Radio, and much more.

This crazy stunt landed Owen a world record with RecordSetter for the most airport visits in month. Take that George Clooney! We flew out to Lenovo this week to attend Owen’s world record setting “award ceremony,” and boy did this guy earn it.  Not only has he been flying around all month long, but he has also been busy traveling this week during the hectic holiday season, which might just be the most frusterating week of the year for airline travel.

At the event, Owen entertained a crowd of Lenovo employees by talking about his arduous traveling experience. One thing is for sure, the employees at Lenovo have a great sense of humor and seemed to very much appreciate Owen’s tales of fellow passengers arguments over Angry Birds. You can check out the video below for Owen’s complete act.

While at Lenovo HQ, we also got a chance to tour Lenovo’s Customer Experience Center which is chock full of Lenovo’s latest line of products, ranging from the corporate-loving ThinkPad line, to Lenovo’s latest more consumer friendly All-in-ones, tablets and ultra-books. Lenovo also gave us a heads-up that they have big things planned ahead for CES, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out our photos from the experience center.

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