Tuff-Luv Embrace Leather Kindle Fire Case Review

Tuff-Luv’s Embrace Leather case for the Amazon Kindle Fire is not made of real leather, but its faux leather material still looks quite nice. Available in several colors, including  red, white, pink, purple and black.  The book-style Embrace case cover is actually hand-made. Read on for our full review of the Embrace Leather Kindle Fire Case.

But what makes the Embrace case for Kindle Fire especially unique, is that it’s designed so that you can use your Kindle one-handed. However, with the Kindle Fire’s somewhat hefty body-weight, how realistic that is for long reading periods is another story altogether. The Embrace case accomplishes this by having an integrated hand-band built-into the inside flap of the case. All you have to do is bend the cover over so that you can use the integrated hand-band while holding the Kindle.

Tuff-Luv has also thrown in some nice touches like a monogrammed material on the inside flap.  Meanwhile, corner straps on the inside of the cover are used to hold the Kindle Fire in place, and a strap is used to keep the case closed when not in use. But we especially appreciate the thin profile of the Embrace case, and that it is also pretty lightweight.

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Overall, the book-style Tuff-Luv Embrace Leather manages to offer ample protection for your Kindle Fire from bumps and scratches, while looking good to boot. Our biggest concern however, is that the white version will get dirty quickly. That said, to its credit, the Embrace Leather case cover for also fits the Kindle Keyboard (3rd generation).  To top it all off, Tuff-Luv even throws in a lifetime guarantee. The Tuff-Luv Embrace Leather case retails for £22.99 (about $36 USD). Tuff-Luv has also come out with a new Stylus Touchpen that is compatible with the Kindle Fire and worth checking out.

The Good: Integrated hand-band, thin profile, classy book-style design, lots of color choices

The Bad: No built-in viewing stand, not real leather

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