Live Evergreen Dock for iPhone is Made of Oak and Moss

And here you thought that smartphones, laptops, tablets etc…were killing the environment. This latest dock certainly changes that theory.  Want to go eco-friendly with your gadgets? That’s one of the reasons we have Etsy. The handmade Live Evergreen Dock for iPhone is made from the wood of an oak tree and moss that has been preserved to stay green permanently.

But wait, you might say. This dock is made from a tree? Isn’t that the opposite of eco-friendly? Not to worry – each Live Evergreen Dock is made from trees that were already dead. The wood is taken from old stumps or broken logs. This is certainly better than those dead trees becoming a pile of printer paper.

The Live Evergreen Dock for iPhone is compatible with any Apple device, and costs $96 off Etsy. As always with Etsy, each unit is hand-crafted. It’s like a mini zen garden for your iPhone – a new age feeding frenzy!

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