Live Nation to Bundle Hertz Rentals with Tickets

Organizing a concert road trip is about to get a little easier – and cheaper – for the younger crowd come January 1, 2012. Online ticket seller Live Nation and car rental company Hertz are partnering up, allowing Live Nation customers to rent a car as part of the ticket-buying process.

That’s convenient, but the big draw for those under 25 is that any rental made through Live Nation or Ticketmaster will waive the underage driver fee. Being that this fee is standard practice across the car rental market, the fee waiver figures to make Hertz a very attractive to solution to students feeling the pinch financially (and that’s a lot of students).

The partnership is part of Hertz’s “Movin’ With Music” program, an effort to attract a younger demographic to its services. Hertz will also be launching its own streaming radio station, called Hertz Live Radio. The station will be playing in all Hertz locations and on Hertz buses. Oddly enough, Hertz will also be unveiling its own digital music store that will be up and running by the second quarter of 2012. At face value, this seems like a peculiar choice, with music sales being a little outside Hertz’s regular business, but it will allow customers to use their rewards points to purchase songs, which could be quick, easy, and attractive – especially to the younger customers Hertz is trying to draw in. Hertz will also be launching their own concert promotions, being led off by one for Fitz and the Tantrums, which will let the winner go backstage and meet the band, conducting an interview that will be posted on major social media sties. That promotion will kick off early next year.

When renting a car through Live Nation’s website, customers will have access to a special Hertz Concert Collection. The variety still seems to be solid, with offerings ranging from economy to luxury to SUV (the latter of which will be great for the students who want to pack eight or nine people into the trip – and that’ll be a lot of students, too). Those cars will also come with NeverLost, Hertz’s own navigation system. Customers will be able to secure VIP parking at the concert’s venue.

The Hertz-Live Nation partnership will begin with the new year, while the music store and radio station will roll out sometime during the second quarter of 2012. Given how ubiquitous Live Nation is in the realm of online ticket sales (some would grumble monopoly), this could be a huge boon for Hertz, particularly with the waiving of the underage driver fee. If you’re under 25 and sans wheels, it might be something to look into when planning your next concert trip in 2012.


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