Michael Jackson Probably Did the Moonwalk On These Speakers

Can’t get enough of the King of Pop? He can live on in your house with these new speakers from Croft House. They might not look like anything special, but that’s before you learn about the history – these speakers are made from the floorboards of Michael Jackson’s old dance studio in Los Angeles, or from floorboards from a Capitol Records studio Jackson frequented.

So, the above statement is likely true – Jackson probably Moonwalked all over these speakers more than once. The speakers are available in four styles, with varying sizes and colors. The speakers don’t slouch in the tech department, either – they will sync with phones or iPods via Bluetooth, effectively telling wires to beat it.

The prices of these Thriller-infused speakers range from $130 to $1,400, and are available now from Croft House, which is located near West Hollywood in Los Angeles. For those that don’t live in the City of Angels, don’t worry – online ordering is available here.