iPhone App of the Week: MusiqBoxes Lets You Share Your Karaoke Skills With the World

Sharing your karaoke singing (or warbling, whichever) might not be the first idea that comes to your mind, but MusiqBoxes makes the idea a little more palatable. MusiqBoxes helps you create your own karaoke versions of popular songs, with auto-tune and harmonization assistance to make sure you don’t sound off-key. There are some artists and songs from both indie and major labels available, with more songs being added gradually through updates. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is a way to have the app integrate with your own music collection.

Once you have finished your creation, you can share it from within the app via Facebook, Twitter, or MusiqBoxes.com. The latter selects the best submissions and names weekly winners and featured users, so you can battle it out with strangers for the assisted karaoke crown (doesn’t sound as impressive, I know) MusiqBoxes is available now for free from the iTunes App Store, but developer Lowekey Media claims that is for a limited time only.

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