Oakley Releases Limited Edition TINTIN 3D Gascan Glasses

Given that we have a little white Westie on staff as our junior reporter, it’s little wonder we’re excited for the Adventures of Tintin and Snowy – in 3D! Apparently, Oakley is pretty excited, too. They’re selling special edition 3D Gascan Glasses to commemorate the movie, which hits theaters on December 21st.

There’s no denying that this is a stylish set of 3D glasses, especially considering the norm. The glasses use HDO-3D technology that improves 3D alignment and cuts down on ghosts. Colors are also said to be a little sharper than with ordinary 3D glasses. The lenses are made wider to allow for a wider field of vision. These glasses are also the first to have optically correct 3D lenses, which should cut down on unwanted magnifying of certain objects. And, since you’re probably going to want to use these more than once, due attention was paid to ensure durability and scratch-resistance.

You can see Snowy in top-notch 3D glory with the Limited Edition Tintin 3D Gascan Glasses for $150 off Oakley’s website.


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