Build Your Wine Rack Like LEGOs With Re-Wine Classic

Who doesn’t love to build and drink at the same time?  Re-Wine Classic are chic, re-usable solutions to protecting your wine bottles. It is also biodegradable and an environmentally-friendly way to put your booze on display.  The case is completely inter-lockable and 100% made from trash, which is a new waste composite called Polli-Ber. It is a blend of recycled thermoplastics and locally-sourced organically processed rice husk. The Polli-ber will help prevent your wine from breaking and spilling and its versatile packaging solution allows the cases to interlock with each other. You can build a wall of Merlot, Champagne or anything you like.  It would look great as a wall adornment and the best part is, if you get tired of your wine art, you can drink it. You can’t do that with a Van Gogh. Re-Wine Classic is available in several colors and is available now for purchase.