Samsung Gears Up For Chinese New Year With Limited Edition Monitors

Chinese New Year is on January 23rd this year, and Samsung is helping the People’s Republic of China celebrate with special editions of their computer monitors – and free gifts!

Selected Samsung monitors will be available with a pattern on the back featuring 福, the Chinese character that roughly means “good fortune,” with one character in red for a little extra good luck.

There are goodies on the side, depending on which monitor is purchased. Some come with a throw pillow that also sports 福, some come with a tote bag, and others come with a wireless mouse and keyboard set. Those gifts are limited to the first comers, though. Looks like Samsung is trying to drum up sales early in the PRC, and with a little good fortune, they might succeed. After all, the Chinese consumer market is (slowly) getting stronger. The monitors themselves are pretty decent quality, too, featuring LED backlit screens, HDMI input, and 1080p support. The offer ends on January 15th, the week before Chinese New Year.

So, looks like an early 恭賀新禧 from Samsung to the people of China. Their idea of a red envelope, perhaps. You can check out the site here, but it’s in Chinese, and it’s a flash page. Nice pictures, though!


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