Speck CandyShell View for iPhone 4S Review

Speck makes some of the coolest and most protective iPhone cases out there, and they never cease to impress. The Speck CandyShell case has been favorite among many, and now Speck have just released the CandyShell View: a case with a built-in kickstand. The View case features a built in retractable, spring-loaded kick stand for propping up your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S in portrait and landscape orientations. Now you can FaceTime handsfree!

When it comes to durability and protection, Speck has never let us down and the CandyShell Fit is no exception. Like the other CandyShells, the Fit is a bit bulkier than the average iPhone case, but for good reason. It has a form-fitting design which combines hard plastic and soft rubber. There’s a rubberized raised bezel running around the entire screen and a shock absorbing inner layer that work together in keeping iPhone perfectly safe. There are rubberized button overlays for volume and lock/unlock which are a pleasure to use. There are individual cutouts for the headphone jack, toggle switch (sized for all iPhone 4/4S’s), speaker, mic, and dock connector. The charging/syncing dock connector cutout is large enough for different sized sync cables, however the case’s thickness leaves iPhone a bit too deep to use with docks. The camera and flash also have a nice large cutout that won’t interfere with images.

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Right behind iPhone’s charging/syncing port is the CandyShell View’s built in stand, and it’s totally incognito! There’s a groove for you to pull the stand out, and it’s spring loaded to shoot back into the case. The stand pulls out and folds up. It is a very sturdy mount when iPhone is propped in landscape mode; it’s a bit wobbly when using it in portrait mode. The stand is amazing to have: you can watch videos while you eat, facetime while you play charades, or keep it propped next to your desk or nightstand for easy monitoring. It will make you question why every case doesn’t have a built in kickstand. The stand is sturdy, but it’s also very plasticky. We had no issues with the stand in our two weeks of use, but we are a bit concerned about its

The Speck CandyShell View for iPhone 4S wouldn’t rightfully be a Speck Case if it wasn’t available in at least a couple nifty color schemes. In addition to BatWing Black, a black and grey combo, the View is available in Black/Pomodoro (pictured) and White/Aubergine(purple). The Speck CandyShell View for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (all carriers) is currently available and retails for $39.99. Thankfully it can be found on Amazon from $23 – $27 depending on color. At under $30 it’s a great buy, the CandyShell View is a super protective and great looking case with a built-in kickstand–a dangerously good combination.

The Good: Built-In Kickstand Works Well, Very Protective and Durable, Nice Color Schemes, Rubbarized Button Overlays, Good Price on Amazon

The Bad: Bulky, Slippery Back, Kick-Stand Feels Like It Will Break Eventually, Won’t Fit in Most Docks, Hard to Remove from Case.

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