Stencyl Lets You Design an iOS Game, Sans Code

Want to get a little creative with gaming, but don’t have the coding skills to get there? You’re in luck – and money, if your game is good enough – with Stencyl, a new piece of software that helps you build iOS games with ease.

Instead of code, you’ll be working with pre-made building blocks uploaded to the software, as well as other creations fellow Stencyl users choose to upload. That second part is more interesting than it sounds, since Stencyl actually does leave room for coding, if you’re so inclined, so those creations from other users won’t just be different configurations of the same building blocks.

The software is easy to use, even for complete novices who see a chunk of code and think of the Matrix before anything else. Physics and APIs are taken care of by Stencyl, which means Stencyl, at its simplest, is akin to a map or level builder you might find in many PC or console video games.

Finally, if you’re confident enough in your creation, you can upload it to the Apple’s iTunes App Store and charge money for it. I mention confidence because in order to do that, you’ll need to get iStencyl Pro, which costs $149/year. The other perks (early access to new products, exclusive forums, no watermarks on your games) are nice, but the big question for most will be whether or not income from their app will exceed $149 per year. Breaking even will likely be a lot more difficult than it sounds.

You can also create flash games with Stencyl, and Android and HTML 5 support is said to be on the way. Play around with it all you like, especially if you don’t have the time to crack the books and figure out coding (and that’ll be a lot of books).


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