theKube2 is a Bite Size Touch MP3 Player

As you can see, theKube2 is tiny. How tiny is it? It’s the smallest touch-based mp3 player ever, and it’s coming to Singapore’s CES booth at Las Vegas in January, to mark the global launch of the device. TheKube2 is purely an mp3 player, but comes with low cost and portability that creators Bluetree Electronics think will make it a hit worldwide. It already has been a hit in Singapore and Indonesia, where initial shipments sold out in one day (though the initial shipment in Indonesia only consisted of 1,000 units). 

TheKube2 comes with a 4 GB microSD card for storage, and promises a six-hour battery life with continuous use. The touch-screen is at the ‘top’ of the cube, with skins available to decorate the otherwise plain remaining cube faces, a little touch of personalization which actually could be a big draw on the global market, considering the cheap price. I’m not sure how user-friendly the touch-screen will be, considering that one fingertip alone looks like it will cover the entire screen, but we’ll have to wait until CES to find out for sure. It’s not clear what that price of theKube2 will be stateside, but in Singapore, the price is SGD 45.90, which comes out to about $35.


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