Scribe Folio Stasis Tuff-luv iPad 2 Case Review

The iPad for many has taken the place of pen and paper, but if you still find yourself looking for a piece of paper to jot down a note from time to time, you’ll want to check out the Scribe Folio Stasis case from Tuff-Luv.

At first glance it may not look too different from other executive cases, but there a few unique features. For instance, when you open it, the iPad is on the left rather than the right. I don’t know if this is because it comes to us from a UK company, but I like it. Another unique feature is the secret compartment on the right behind the notepad. This gives you a place to store business cards, SD memory cards or some small papers.

And of course there is the notepad. I particularly like the A5 size. It keeps the case small as opposed to a larger case with a letter size notepad. There is also an elastic strap to keep the pad closed or to mark your place. For those in the US it may be a bit tricky getting a replacement A5 size notepad, but isn’t that why we have the Internet?

As you would expect there is a holder in the center for a pen or stylus. It would have to be a rather slender one though. When using a standard pen it was a bit difficult to close. This was also due to the 50 page notepad. Perhaps a slimmer notepad would be better.

The iPad fits nice and snug. All the ports are accessible as well as the camera. As an added precaution, there is a small velcro closure on the right to keep the iPad from ever sliding out. Personally it doesn’t seem to be needed and it adds to the bulkiness, especially if you have a pen in the center holder.

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The “Stasis” in the name is in reference to the inclusion of the on/off feature of the iPad 2. Fairly standard on most cases these days, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work too well with this case. Due to the thickness of the notepad, especially if you have a pen in the holder, the case does not close tightly enough to trigger the magnetic switch in the iPad. Without the notepad it works fine. Perhaps this is also due to the iPad being on the left side, thus putting the on/off switch near the spine. Definitely not a deal breaker for this case, since it is still quite easy to turn on your iPad after opening the case.

Overall the case is well made and feels good in your hand. Definitely a good option for those who still have need of a notepad now and then. The case we reviewed is the Faux Leather, but there are two other models available; Genuine Leather and Natural Hemp. The price ranges from $70-80 depending on the material. A fair price for a unique, well built case.

The Good: iPad on left; secret compartment.

The Bad: A bit bulky with notepad and pen; “Stasis” feature does not work with Notepad in place.

Update 12/5/11: Tuff-Luv has let us know that the reason the paper pad is on the left, “is purely a British thing, however, as there are slots in the top and bottom for the backing of the paper, it means it can be removed and spun round, so that the pad is then on the right!  This means is can be adapted regardless of whether the user is left or right handed.”