Twitter Redesigns AGAIN! Now Cleaner and More Polished Interface

Yesterday, Twitter began to roll out its new interface, which promises to be cleaner, faster, and easier to use for novice users. The bulk of the redesign, though, is mainly for the sake of businesses and advertising, as Twitter looks to become profitable in the future.

Companies (and, eventually, all users) will now have more customization options at hand to feature videos and images, rather than rely on the up-until-now standard feed, showing the company’s most recent tweets.

The changes should help marketers to more efficiently advertise their brands, and also open Twitter up for a greater advertising push, which should be seen starting with the new year. It’s not clear what these new advertisements will look like, but we’ll find out soon, and it sounds like there will be a fair amount of them, with Twitter claiming that they already have 2,400 advertising partners signed on. This will be in addition to the limited amount of advertising featured on Twitter during this year and parts of 2010.

For users, a new tab called “Discover” will take into account interests and location to match users up with brands and people that seem to be a suitable match. It could be that this tab is tied into the new advertising scheme, becoming a targeted advertising system a la Google Ads.

If you don’t see the new Twitter up yet, be patient – it should be completely rolled out within the next few days.

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