txtRng Stylus Will Have You Twiddling Your Thumbs

Not happy drawing on your iPad or Android tablets with a traditional stylus? Well the txtRng could shake up the stylus industry as we know it. Well, maybe I’m being a bit far-fetched but it is still different than your typical stylus that traditionally looks like a pen. The txtRng is an “on-hand”  stylus that slips on to your thumb and can be used as a stylus or as a touch screen accessory for your iPhone, iPad, Nano, etc…Once you slip this piece of thumb jewelry onto your hand, let your thumbs do the walking on your touch screen devices. 

The txtRng can also be used on your index finger too, which seems a bit easier if you plan on drawing. Drawing with your thumbs might be a bit uncomfortable after awhile. The txtRng seems a bit gimmicky but you never know when a ‘gadget’ like this could take off. However, this thumb stylus is a bit pricey for $29.99 but comes in sizes small to large. So those with big thumbs..you have nothing to worry about.

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