There Are Racing Sims, and Then There Is the VisionRacer D-Box VR3

There are some pretty good racing simulators out for the PC right now. You’ve probably heard of a few. Controlling a racing sim with a keyboard probably isn’t too much fun, though. Sure, maybe you could spring for a driving peripheral and make it a little more immersive. Or, you could go completely over the top. You could buy the VisionRacer D-Box VR3.

The VisionRacer D-Box VR3 is technically just a gaming controller and a sweet chair for the PC, despite its looking like a go-kart sans wheels. The chair rests on an aluminum frame, which is outfitted with D-Box motion actuators that replicate the feeling of all the twists, turns, and bumps in-game. The controller aspect features a mounted steering wheel, three pedals, and a shift lever for stick shift racing. The chair is fully adjustable, and will vibrate and rattle as you accelerate and speed around in-game. It’s the closest you’ll get to being a real F1 racer without actually getting out on the track.

Of course, for how much this thing costs, you’d be well on your way to buying your own F1 racer, anyway. The VisionRacer D-Box VR3 costs an astounding £13,900, or about $21,695. The rig was co-designed by race/rally engineers and gamers, so the experience should be second to none. If you have the disposable cash and a love for PC racing sims that borders on the obsessive, this should be right up your S-curve. The VisionRacer D-Box VR3 comes fully assembled, and, believe it or not, works via plug and play with your PC’s USB port. You will need to install a couple drivers, first – the D-Box and Logitech G27 drivers.

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