Iron Man styled 3D shutter glasses from JST: Featuring on lens battery indicator

3D TV viewing always creates a stir at CES, but along with the gasps at the impressive televisions and mesmerizing colour comes a sigh of disappointment at the unattractive accompanying glasses. We don’t need to be wearing designer, but it would be nice if we had something a little more stylish to wear at the movies.

Chinese based company Shenzhen Jingsheng Science and Technology Co (JST) is looking to change this with their range of stylish 3D glasses, which are available in a wide array of colours and finishes. There’s more to these than just an outward design however (though we do love the Iron Man-esque frame shown above) as JST’s 3D glasses feature a single chip, placed in the centre of the frame, rather than the side multichip option used by the rest of the market. This offers the glasses lower power consumption compared to other market models and they offer over 300 hours of usage before needing a recharge.

They weigh in at 35g and feature an on lens battery indicator, which is an unusual but interesting addition. Nestled subtly on the lens, it displays the bars of power and will flash when you get low. It’s very unobtrusive and useful to have this reminder available so you’re not caught out.

[the battery indicator]

It’s unclear whether you can charge the JST 3D glasses via a USB port or have to manually replace the batteries. The glasses also feature liquid crystal lenses for clear viewing and there are two styles on offer- family and cinema.

There’s no word on pricing at the moment, but keep an eye on their website for more info, and they say they aim for a release date sometime in 2012.



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