Adorable Space Kiwi iPhone Game Lets You Save Planet Earth

Everyone said CES 2012 would be the year of the Apps. ORRO Inc. has released an adventured filled forward scrolling arcade style game with lots of cute and plenty of levels. At it’s core is an incredibly ingenious high school sophomore who used his triad of talents in music, animation, and technical skills to create this bubbly game. He gave flight to the normaly flightless Kiwi and turned him into Space Kiwi. Here is a rundown of the fun to be had while you try and stop an Earth invasion by Moon Men:

Six grand zones the Space Kiwi has to brave before defeating the moon men for good.
A total of 60 Levels to beat before the Space Kiwi’s quest is complete.
An arcade-style experience, adding greater challenge as you progress.
28 different types of monster to outwit on your way to the moon.
Collect coins and defeat baddies to earn high scores, and higher ratings on levels.
An epic soundtrack to get your heart racing on this thrilling journey through space!

The pure simplicity of play coupled with the extensive animation makes this an astoundingly entertaining game. Available for a mere 99 cents on iTunes, this is a must have. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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