Ladies Are All Ears For These iPhone 4S Cases

Feeling like a little counter-culture statement might go with your mood today? Or maybe you want to go elf. Or zombie. Thanks to the All Ears Women’s iPhone Case, you don’t need to actually stretch your earlobes, become a mythical creature, or die to make those styles happen. The case is actually six-in-one – a clear plastic case with six skins featuring different ears that will make it look like your iPhone is a window looking in on the side of your (heavily altered) face. The three styles mentioned above are in the pack, along with a regular ear with and without earring, and an apparently Rihanna-inspired ear with a darker skin tone and hints of bright red hair.

The All Ears Women’s iPhone Case isn’t available yet, but when it is, you can get an earful for about $12 from perpetual kid.

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