Android App of the Week: Talking Puppy Is Guaranteed to Melt Your Heart

Not ready to take the leap into owning a real pet yet? Well Talking Puppy features an unbelievably adorable baby husky who will repeat your words back to you in an equally adorable baby voice. You can play with the little guy, too, by throwing a frisbee to him. You can have him dance around or take a nap, too. The puppy will also react to touch, when you give him a little poke in the face, leg, or paw. I’d say it’s perfect for kids, but I think pretty much anyone who sees that face is going to be hooked immediately.

Talking Puppy is available on the Android Market for free. Developer Talking Baby also has the app in chick, monkey, tiger, and pony varieties, among others, just in case you’re not a dog person or if you always dreamed of owning a zoo…

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