ArtMotion Turns Your Smart TV into a Smart Contemporary Painting

If you have a Smart TV, you’re probably loving it. You have the LED/LCD display, the Internet functionality – it’s awesome. But, ArtMotion thinks they can make just a little bit better. After all, once you turn the Smart TV off, you’re still stuck with just a black screen on the wall.

Not so for owners of ArtMotion’s Deluxe Art Window, an artistic frame for your flat-panel Smart TV. The frame unhinges at the top easily, allowing you to slide your television in and close the frame without much effort. Once inside, your television will be nestled in an art window, complete with what amount to screensavers for your Smart TV, courtesy of artist David Miller. Those pieces of art will be accompanied by soothing sounds and motion, for a full and relaxing effect. Also a nice bonus – those window shutters actually hide a 10 speaker audio system powered by a 1,000 watt amplifier.

You can get more information about ArtMotion’s Art Windows for flat-panel televisions on the ArtMotion website.


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