Barbie Fabulous Glam Video Camera Has Far From Fabulous Specs

They say that thanks to the smartphone, the cheap camcorder is dead. But that doesn’t mean it has to be dead for your little ones – or anyone who just really likes Barbie. With that said, the Barbie Fabulous Glam Video Camera from Digiblue isn’t all that bad actually. The device is able to film at a 720 x 480 video resolution. Think DVD-like quality. It’s also able to take 3MP image stills and is capable of 4X digital zoom. Ok, so that is hardly anything to write home about. But it also features a 1.4″ LCD flip screen and it sports a slide-out USB connector, an SD card slot, and it will even work as a webcam.

Did we mention that it’s also fabulous and pink? All jokes aside, for $47.85, the Barbie Fabulous Glam Video Camera isn’t half bad.

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