Biscotti- the World’s First HD TV Phone Lets You See Everyone’s Wrinkles

This product is the International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree. It is a tiny small device that sits inconspicuously on top of your TV allowing you to make HD calls to anyone, anywhere using just their HDTV and Wi-Fi connection. Biscotti to Biscotti calls are free, as are ones to any computer, iPhone, iPad, and Android Google video chat device. Here’s the cool part: Your friends and family can interrupt your TV viewing because of its ability to pass video through from cable and satellite boxes, and you don’t have to switch inputs.

Here is some more info:

Biscotti TV Phone connects to HDTVs via HDMI cable. Initial set-up takes minutes, during which users customize their personal profile, creating a unique Biscotti ID and inviting Biscotti and Google contacts to chat.  Once connected to Wi-Fi, Biscotti is always ready to instantly make calls, notifying users of incoming calls while they are watching TV via a pop-up message on screen, or if no one is home, turning the TV on/off for each incoming call (compatible TVs only).  Users can also designate specific contacts that will cause the TV to automatically answer, a great feature for home security or ensuring you can always reach someone.

Biscotti TV Phone is now available for $199.

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