BlackBerry App of the Week: PercyFX – Personalize Your Fav Movie Clips

PercyFX provides you with movie clips from Hollywood favorites that you can personalize with custom messages and share with friends, but Congress doesn’t need to worry! The clips are licensed from the major movie studios, according to developer Percy 3DMedia Inc. The clips usually run about fifteen seconds long, and end in a clever way that allows you to post up a short message to one of your friends. Then, you can share the clip or put it up on YouTube, Facebook, and the like.

You will need to pay for credits to access the clips, though, so the free app moniker is a bit misleading. $0.99 will net you 3 credits, while a 10-pack costs $2.99 and a 20-pack costs $4.99. Note that each credit pays for one message, not one clip – if you want to use one clip to create multiple messages, you’ll need to throw in a credit for each message.

PercyFX is available now from BlackBerry App World and the iTunes App Store, with Android and Windows Phone versions coming soon.

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