Buffalo Gearing Up to Release First 802.11AC Wireless Router

There’s a new WiFi standard in town, and soon to be in your home. 802.11AC will be the successor to the 802.11n WiFi standard, which you still may not have adopted. 802.11ac is about three times faster than 802.11n and transmits unmatched wireless speeds at 1300Mbps. Buffalo Technology, one of the leading names in storage and networking, has just demoed their 802.11ac router here at CES. It does in fact reach some extreme speeds and even with all of the wireless commotion in the CES airwaves.

Buffalo’s future AirStation WZR-1750H wireless router is the first working 802.11ac router slated for release. Buffalo is confident that it should be the first to market too. It features five gigabit Ethernet ports with the wireless 802.11ac speed potential of 1750 Mbps at a range of 5Ghz. The router will of also support 802.11n with speeds of 450 Mbs at 2.4Ghz.

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802.11ac’s extreme speeds will really reduce the need to ever have to connect your internet devices with an Ethernet cable. Of course, your device will need to support 802.11ac, but new products will begin to include the standard shortly. Buffalo’s AirStation will be completely backward compatible with 802.11n, 11g, 11b, and 11a and is due out in the second half of 2012. The AirStation WZR-1750H 802.11ac wireless router has an unofficial price floating around $200 upon release. The 802.11ac standard is going to offer serious improvements to home networking and quality of service. You’ll be able to efficiently use more wireless devices and make the most of your internet speeds and home sharing.

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