Dick Tracy Would Cop the Burg Phone Watch in a Second

The merging of the phone and the watch isn’t totally new, but it’s never been done more comprehensively than in the Burg Watch Phone, which was on display this week at CES 2012. This watch is Bluetooth compatible, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be connecting it to your mobile phone – you’ll be connecting it to a headset. That’s because this watch really is a mobile phone by itself – there’s a place to put a SIM card in the back and everything.

The Burg line of watch phones are all GSM phones that come with built-in speakers and microphones. Around the face of the watch are 12 keys, like any phone – 0 through 9, *, and #. The watch face can be made to show an analog clock, but its main purpose is to be the digital display where you’ll actually interact with the watch. You can make outgoing calls and receive calls, save contacts to an address book, and send SMS messages.

There’s no denying the cool factor, but it’s worth bearing in mind that actually typing SMS messages or saving contacts is probably going to be awkward and slow-going, or at the very least will have a steep learning curve. The watch phone also includes a few mobile phone staples, like a calculator, an alarm clock, and an organizer. The Burg Watch Phones are said to be available soon in the United States for around $150.

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