China’s Wealthy Women Want Women Bodyguards – Sorry Guys!

To start off, yes – that picture is of a bodyguard-in-training getting a glass bottle smashed on her head. I have never had a glass bottle smashed on my head, but I don’t think I would enjoy it. I don’t think she’s enjoying it either.

She might enjoy the benefits, though. In China today, demand for female bodyguards is rising quickly, at a higher rate than the demand for male bodyguards is growing. In part, this is being spurred by China’s female millionaires – a large group, as estimates say females make up 30% of the country’s millionaires. As Biggie teaches us, more money means more problems, and China’s wealthy women are feeling the pressures of security concerns, as the wealth gap in China continues to widen.

After the training, bodyguards, being in high demand, are paid very well by Chinese standards – as much as $800 per month. In some cases, they are better compensated than male bodyguards. Bodyguards go through a year of training, which involves emergency driving maneuvers, hand-to-hand combat, strength training, and some extra toughening up courtesy of a few glass bottles to the head.

One bodyguard-in-training who was interviewed as part of a Reuters report celebrated her job, taking pride in protecting people and their families and confronting gender stereotypes still very prevalent in China, with women being seen as far inferior to men. So much for those stereotypes – I’d like to see a lot of guys take the kind of abuse dished out above.

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