Cygnett Deco and Skin iPhone 4S Case Reviews

The Cygnett Deco and Cygnett Skin are similar iPhone 4/4S slim cases but their unique finish makes them completely distinct and yet equally marvelous. The Deco has a luminous, glossy, and glam finish while the Skin has a textured and sophisticated finish.

The Cygnett Slim cases are very minimalistic and lightweight while they provide a durable and protective shell for iPhone. The case sits flush with iPhone’s face so it’s convenient that Cygnett includes a screen protector to cover all bases. There are individual cutouts for the volume buttons and toggle button. There is a large cutout for the headphone jack and lock button and the entire bottom of the case is exposed. This makes it very accessible for various iPhone docks and cables.

The only area these slim cases differ is the back. The luminous Deco is very smooth with a fine checkered pattern made of reflective square lines. The finish finish is very shiny. The Deco is also available with fine overlayed circles.

The textured Skin case brings out your iPhone’s inner reptile. It feels great in-hand and offers a real nice grip. When the light glistens on the back you can see every groove in the texture. The Skin case is available in black, grey, and red. Strangely enough, the Skin case is much easier to remove from iPhone than the Deco is.

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Both cases are brand new editions to Cygnetts Slim line of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases. They cost just $24.99 and include a screen protector.

The Good: Slim, Comfortable, Light, Nice Styles, Color/Design Choices, Large Cutout for Dock/Headphone/Lock Button, Affordable, Included Screen Protector

Th Bad: Tricky to Take Off (Especially Deco Model), Small Cutouts for Volume Buttons

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