Cyngett Paparazzi iPhone 4S Case Review

The Cyngett Paparazzi is an iPhone 4/4S flip case is ideal for throwing in your bag or backpack (or if you’re a bit rough on your poor iPhone). It’s a folding case and the exterior of the “Paparazzi” is a textured animal-skin print on a durable faux-leather. The front covers iPhone’s entire face and flips down for full access to all iPhone functions.

The inside of the case is lined in a very soft micro-fiber. iPhone slides into this case from the top, between two side grips. It’s a very snug fit that keeps iPhone secure. It’s also quite easy to insert and remove iPhone when you want to. There’s no velcro or snap, the front cover has a rigid fold on the top that locks it into place.

The upper half of iPhone’s sides are exposed which makes the volume buttons, toggle switch, headphone port and lock button extremely accessible. The front cover is attached at the bottom by two rigid flaps, one located on top of the speaker and the other located on top of the mic. There is a hole in each one of these connector flaps to allow sound to pass through the mic and speaker. Even with the hole, sound is somewhat muffled. In between these two connectors is enough room for any type of sync/charging cable. The Paparazzi’s rigid back is a bit wider than iPhone on all sides, this will prevent the case from working with most iPhone docks. The weirdest feature of the Paparazzi case is that the front flap won’t fold behind the phone, you have to leave it hanging. The hanging cover isn’t actually that annoying, but it’d be nice if it was optional.

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The Cygnett Paparazzi offers iPhone a lot of protection. The back cover is reinforced and is very tough. The same goes for the front cover and there’s even a layer of cushioned padding inside of it. To offer even more protection, Cygnett includes an adhesive screen-protector. It also comes with a screen wipe.

The Paparazzi happens to be very stylish looking. The textured animal print gives it a pretty luxurious vibe. It comes in glossy white (pictured) or glossy black, both with black interiors. It’s a great case for throwing in a bag or backpack because iPhone’s almost completely covered. It’s also very durable and can take a beating. The Cygnett Paparazzi is available from Cygnett.com for $29.99.

The Good: Stylish, Protective, Durable, Easy Access to Ports/Buttons, Easy to Insert/Remove iPhone, Easy to Open/Close Cover

The Bad: Cover Won’t Fold Behind iPhone, Speaker and Mic get Muffled