I Don’t Know What’s Going On With this USB Pickle Light

I like pickles. They taste pretty good. Terrific on hamburgers. I’m sure many people would agree with me (and many would disagree). What I’m not sure of is how many of those people are big enough pickle fans to start buying up pickle-themed merchandise. Like, for example, this USB Pickle Light.

In what is virtually guaranteed to end up as an awkward gag gift for dozens of people worldwide, the USB Pickle Light is what it says it is. You plug it in to a USB port, and it gives you a bright, green-tinged glow during those late nights at the computer. It resembles a pickle, but I’m guessing it doesn’t taste like one, which is a shame, because that’s really the best part about pickles.

You can grab a USB Pickle Light (I suppose) from perpetual kid for about $9 once it goes on sale in late February.

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