Drink Away the 80’s with the Drinkman Flask

Sure it’s now 2012, but our fondness of the 80’s will never wane, and neither will our love for the original Sony Walkman. And that is exactly why this latest ingenious gadget from Just Mustard is even more amazing than we can begin to describe. The Drinkman is an ode to big hair, music and even booze. Just about everything that made the 80’s what they were… amazing! That is because the the Drinkman is a flask designed to look like that retro Walkman.

The detailing is intense on the Drinkman Flash, from the buttons on the player, to the tape deck, to the cassette wheels inside. In fact, you may not want to use it as flask at all, but instead have it dangling from your jeans as a piece of art.

But when you do take a sip from this badboy, you will not only gain the respect of geeks everywhere, but alcoholics too. The Drinkman liquor hip flask will be available sometime in May, so in the meantime you’ll have to find other creative ways to drown your sorrows.

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