2Phone Case is a Dual-Sim Adapter for iPhone 4

We have been dreaming about dual-sim devices coming to market for years now, and while they say that the tech for it is in the works, we know it’s just a pipe dream. That said, we’re even more sure that a dual-sim iPhone will never come to pass. But for those of you who believe in making dreams come true, check out the Simore 2Phone Dual Standby SIM adapter case for iPhone 4. This accessory for the iPhone 4 attaches to the back of the iPhone so that you can add a second SIM to your iPhone. This way you can can make and receive calls on both SIM cards simultaneously. Or more specifically, that means you can use the iPhone’s microSIM in conjunction with a second standard size SIM card.

The Simore 2Phone adapter itself is pretty slim and manages to contour to the iPhone 4’s design nicely, and it’s very reminiscent of a battery pack case. It’s also scratch proof and shockproof. And once the 2Phone Dual Standby SIM adapter is attached, you’ll be able to see both SIM cards signal strength on your iPhone’s display.

So what is the catch you ask? You’ll need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4, and you’ll need to install the 2Phone software. Also, the second SIM card can only be used to make and receive calls, and to send and receive SMS. So data functions can only utilize the iPhone 4’s MicroSIM. Also, there is no mention of iPhone 4S support.

Regardless, the 2Phone Dual Standby SIM adapter case for iPhone 4 looks pretty neat, and it’s priced for a reasonable $139. So if you’re looing for a dual-sim solution with the iPhone, this is a half-decent solution. That said, you might want to check out the crazy iPPeel which adds not one, but TWO sims to the iPhone 4. And those of you are faint of heart, check out the Line2 app for iOS which lets you add a second line to your iPhone.