Queen Elizabeth Knights Apple’s Jonathan Ive

The British Empire was busy conferring honors at the turn of the new year, with one deserving honoree being Jonathan Ive. Ive might be called the silent hero of Apple, acting as the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design. As head of the design team, Ive helped create the great marriage of style and substance that Apple is known so well for today.

Ive originally did freelance work for Apple to help design a notebook for the company in the ’90s. The company was so impressed that it offered Ive a full-time job shortly after.

If you’ve already read Steve Jobs’ biography, you might have heard a little bit more about Ive. When Jobs returned to Apple in 1995, he and Ive played off each other to great success, though Ive became disappointed later that Jobs took much of the credit for ideas that originated from Ive’s design team.

As of the new year, Jonathan Ive is Sir Jonathan Ive, Knight Commander of the British Empire. Congratulations to an unsung pioneer in the world of technology.

Via BBC News


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