Fanny Wang Customs Review

Alas, we’ve gotten our hands and ears on the coveted Noise Cancelling Fanny Wangs! These custom Fanny Wang 3001 Over Ear Noise Canceling headphones (AKA Fanny Wang Customs) are the the flagship model of the three-set lineup. All aspects of these ultra-trendy cans were color-customized by yours truly.

The form factor of the 3001 Noise Cancelling Wangs is exactly the same as the 2001 Over-Ears, which is a good thing. The 1001 On-Ear Wangs were clearly trying to live in the foot steps of Beats by Dre, but the 2001 an 3001s are more distinguished and still feature their signature textured exterior. The ear cups are cushiony and comfortable, the same goes for the headband. These Wangs are a bit heavy but feel fine if they’re centered on the top of your head. They use the tri-folding method of collapsing for portability. They come with a hard foam case for travel. The build quality is pretty durable, though some facets of the design could be improved. For instance, the headband is large and tough except it’s still a bit flimsy.

Headphone cables don’t get much better than Fanny Wang’s. It’s a straight cord that’s removable and tangle-resistant. Near the top is the ControlTalk button with built-in microphone, volume buttons, and a universal button that controls music, phone calls, and voice commands on an iPhone or smart phone. Near the bottom of the cable is a built in duo-jack audio splitter so you can share your music or watch movies with a friend.

Also like the 2001 Over-Ear Wangs, the 3001s feature a three notch switch and a hidden battery chamber. The 3001s are the first Wang to feature noise canceling, and with an optional bass booster. The first notch of the switch is noise canceling off; it plays music regularly without the need for batteries. The middle notch turns on noise canceling and illuminates the switch in blue. The final notch boosts the noise canceling bass by 6dB and illuminates the switch in green. The switch is located behind the right ear cup and is easily accessible while wearing the headphones.

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The Fanny Wangs look and feel awesome, but how do they sound? They sound pretty fantastic. Of course this all depends on the type and quality of the music. The Wangs seriously excel with electronic music (club, house, dubstep). Friends who listened to Skrillex on these puppies refuse to give them back; they swear by these Noise Canceling Wangs. While electronic, rap, and new-age music sound amazing, more natural sounding music like acoustic, rock, and classical sound just good. These natural genres are more dependent on the bitrate quality and recording style. All-in-all, the bass is great, punchy, and not overwhelming. The mids are clear, smooth, and balanced. The highs are good, but could be crisper; there’s room for improvement.

The Noise Cancellation on these Fanny Wangs is amazing; they’re designed to remove 95% of ambient noise. There are two microphones inside the earcups and two outside which work in conjunction to cancel up to 20dB of noise. When you turn it on they enhance the audio with a deeper range and a dampened background. With a lot of noise canceling headphones you can hear the hiss that is the anti-noise, the sound that negates the ambient noise. Sometimes the anti-noise hiss can be worse than the background noise. Amazingly, this is not the case with the Fanny Wangs; you can’t hear the anti-noise, hiss, or any sort of noise associated to noise canceling. These Wangs worked phenomenally on the plane, totally eliminating the annoying airplane hum. They work great on the subway too. While noise canceling isn’t really designed to cancel out voices and sporadic noises, they really do dampen all background noise. The only time noise canceling didn’t work was outside in windy areas; the Wangs misinterpret the noise caused by wind and play an annoying sound.

Between the regular, noise cancellation, and bass boosting listening options–all are suitable depend greatly on how you’re feeling and the type of music playing. Listening regularly is a softer listening experience; it’s a little less in-your-face, but still pretty balanced. Noise cancellation is the best feature for listening to music naturally, as it’s intended to be heard. Bass boosted noise canceling is a great choice when you really want to feel your music, or if the song’s low-end is lacking. It’s fun to have so much power over the sound of your music with three easy clicks. The batteries on the Wangs have lasted me a couple weeks already and seem to still be going strong.

All of the Fanny Wang models are available in fun and hip colors, but if you really want a great-looking pair of headphones that matches your unique sense of style then you can completely customize them. Color customization is available on all Fanny Wang models and you can customize seven parts with a myriad of unique colors. These features include the outside band, inside band, center disc, sound chambers, accent strip, ear muffs, and cord. Customization costs $50 and takes 21 days for your special order to be crafted. (Apparently Fanny Wangs got delayed during the holidays so use code “HOLIDAY” to save yourself $25) It’s not easy building yourself the perfect set of headphones, we spent some time and finally decided on a blue and white color scheme with a sexy red accent. We couldn’t be happier with how they came out! We would have chosen a white cord, but white discolors, so we went with gray which looks just as good.

I’ve been rocking at least one pair of Fanny Wangs for almost a year now, they’ve been my go-to headphones. My best advise is to either get the 1001 On-Ears or to spring for the 3001 Over-Ears. Both happened to sound better than the 2001 Over-Ear DJ model. The 3001 Over-Ears have the best audio quality by far and are also the most comfortable; of course they’re also the most expensive. They come with a rigid foam case and two AAA batteries. At $299.95 they’re not inexpensive, but good noise canceling headphones never are. For an extra $50 you can have them customized to any color scheme of your choosing. Overall, Fanny Wang Customs, especially the custom 3001 Noise Canceling Fanny Wangs pretty much guarantee you’ll have the most bad-ass pair of headphones in town.

Check out our Fanny Wang 1001 On-Ear Headphone Review and our Fanny Wang 2001 Over-Ear DJ Headphone Review.

The Good: Comfortable, Customizable(!), Sound Great, Noise Cancelling Works Perfectly, Includes Hard Case, Removable Tangle-Free Cord Includes DuoJack and ControlTalk, Work Without Batteries

The Bad: Some Sound Leakage, Pricey, Fall Off Head if Not Centered, High-Range Audio is Good but Could Be Better


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  1. Man I don’t know if your hearing is impaired cause I have a pair of 3001 and they have a very strong hiss, noice canceling actually is pretty mediocre and there is a swisshing sound whenever it gets windy. It took 10 weeks to get them, ordered in february 6th and delivered a week ago. 
    Furthermore the cable was wrong (without inline mic) and the finishing is far to meet what is expected from a 350$ pair of headphones. Anyway i’m pretty disappointed with the 3001. 
    However I also own a pair of 1003 and these are amazingly good sounding and greatly finished. I guess the Custom program isn’t quality checked enough to ensure a high finish result for every order so i suggest anybody who may be interested in Fanny Wang cans to avoid customs and just order the standard colors if willing to get good quality.

  2. Hey Axaman,
    It’s possible your 3001’s are defective. Mine certainly do not hiss under regular conditions. I love the noise canceling on my 3001’s: it’s light enough that it doesn’t create that annoying anti-noise hiss that others do, but it’s strong enough that it silences all ambient noise on an airplane (and most ambient noise on a subway). I did mention in my review that noise canceling doesn’t work when it gets windy. For that reason, I usually keep the ANC off while I’m outside.

    I completely understand your frustration. It’s a heck of a lot of money to pay for a pair of headphones, so you shouldn’t receive anything less than perfect. You should reach out to Fanny Wang at Support@FannyWang.com

    I also agree that the Wang On-Ear (1000s) are awesome. Lately, I find myself using them more than the 3001s. Let me know if I can provide any more info.

  3. Hi Scott,
    thanks for your kind answer. I have contacted fanny wang and they agreed for an exchange, Fanny Wang has a very nice customer support and i’m very happy about that.
    Now i don’t know if i should change for a regular, not custom, 3001, hoping the ANC is not defective or a regular 2001 as to avoid ANC related issues like hisses, wind or gsm inteferences. I have noticed the 3001 pick up a lot of cellular waves, did you also notice that? It seems like the 2001 are magnetically shielded and would not pickup gsm interference. 

  4. Hi Scott nice review but I can’t decide which one to buy the 2001’s or 3001’s because I saw the video reviews of TSIG (ThatSnazzyIphoneGuy) on youtube and he said that the 3001 has problems with interference when devices are present to the headphones. So I don’t if I should stick to 3001 which has ANC and 2001’s that don’t but he also mentioned that there are no problems with the 2001 when it comes to sound quality and interference. We got fanny wang’s here in the philippines but the local distributor doesn’t do any customs at all but only sell these headphones in standard colors. I hope that you could give me suggestions on which one to buy because I checked reviews from blogs and in youtube but somehow both sides have their own opinion of these headphones but there are some points that do match from the reviews that I read and your review of these headphones (Like high-range audio could be better, great sound, comfortable, etc.).

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