Fanny Wang’s New Color Line Gets “Freshly Squeezed” Noise Canceling Headphones

Fanny Wang sprung a new color line for the noise canceling headphones we gave a shout out to back in November. The new line includes the “freshly squeezed” Duo Color 1000 Series, with a scrumptious design of a mixture of fresh, complementing contemporary colors in a soft finish.  The On Ear cans are available in Black, White, Orange, Green and Blue.  New colors for the 2000 Over Ear model include Pink, Black and Red; and the 3000 Noise Cancellation Over Ear models include White, Black and Navy Blue.

Fanny Wang’s custom-paired titanium-plate drivers are tuned to deliver natural, thumping bass with crystal clear mids and highs that complimentary anything from urban hip hop to light rock in the highest caliber of sound.  The Over Ear models are the only headphone line that uses 50mm drivers, magnetically shielded cables and circuitry to deliver the cleanest sound reproduction in its class.  And, the sound can also be mixed utilizing the unique Bass Boost switch, delivering 6dB of rich, bone-shaking bass.

Prices start at $169.95 for the 1000 On Ear Wangs which they say are very competitively priced and, “according to a number of top-tier consumer and tech-based outlets, have an impressive sound quality that rivals headphones priced upwards of an additional $100.” Also very special about the Fanny Wang 2000 and 3000 Over Ear models, is that music fans don’t need to replace batteries every week.  The Wangs auto power off switch helps save batteries when music has ceased being played for 15 minutes.  Even if the batteries do run out of juice, the headphones will continue pumping music.

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