Google Maps Floor Plans Get the Vegas Treatment

Satnav devices are popular for a reason and many people find that Google Maps is the app they miss most when their cellphone runs out of juice. When attending a conference you sometimes wish they could map out the insides of buildings, as when you’re wandering aimlessly from faceless conference room to a meeting it’s easy to get lost.

Well, this year at CES 2012, Android users needs not fret about missing appointments on the show floor as Google Maps have partnered with a selection of Vegas casinos to offer floor plans of the insides of the buildings. This is the first time Google maps have partnered with Las Vegas casinos, and just in time to help us navigate the show.

The Google Maps Floor Plans tool offers information about your floor level location, info on your surrounding amenities- from restaurants to cashier locations and toilets. Las Vegas casinos can be pretty cavernous so this is a really helpful addition to any visitor in the city.

Google Maps Floor Plans are also available for some other buildings in the world, such as museums and malls, and they’re looking to grow this service if it becomes popular. To map your building is easy- simply go to their site and follow the step by step instructions. OK, the floor plans are generated by users and not some magic that actually updates in real time, but its still a cool feature.

I’m really impressed that they are offering users this as it can only help, and Las Vegas will benefit by people being able to reach their amenities more easily (or escape the casino!).

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