iKeyboard is the Opposite of an iPad Keyboard

Most of the time, when we see iPad keyboards, we see large Bluetooth accessories or keyboards integrated into cases that make the iPad into a mini laptop. The iKeyboard does not represent most of the time, but we’re not so sure that’s a good thing.

The iKeyboard is a very simple device. In fact, calling it a device would be suggesting we have something that is technology fueled – that would be incorrect. The iKeyboard is an overlay for your iPad with depressed keys lined with a thin film to provide touch typing for users. The thin film is transparent, so when you toggle the iPad keyboard to numbers mode, the iKeyboard won’t become a nuisance. Being that there are no electronic parts at work, it’s also very light and thin, though you’ll still need to remove it if you have a tight-fitting case for your iPad.

There certainly are benefits to touch-typing being available for the iPad – taking notes in a lecture or a meeting suddenly becomes a whole lot more feasible, for example. It remains to be seen if the iKeyboard is that solution, though. According to a very brief update from Gizmodo back in December, the iKeyboard was less than impressive in practice. For those interested, the iKeyboard will sell for $35.


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