i’m Circle & i’m Core- Confusingly Named, Cleverly Designed Device Convergence Solution

The ‘i’m Cicle’ is a confusingly named group of devices trying to revolutionize the digital lifestyle by changing how your electronic devices interact and work together. Here’s the problem- most of the electronic devices in the average geeks repertoire overlap, if you have an iPhone, iPad, and iPod then you’ve got 3 devices with 3 processors (and potentially 2 different carrier contracts) that basically all do the same thing. The ‘i’m Circle’ is a group of devices that seeks to fix that.

Instead of a bunch of separate processors and hard drives, users only have to carry one core device cleverly named the ‘i’m Core.’ This device is a quadcore processor that fits on your keychain. It’s designed to be the heart and soul of the rest of the devices in the lineup. The user then buys accessories which access this core which range from a phone sized tablet to a full sized 10.1” tablet to a large computer screen and even a box that connects to your TV. All these peripherals use the i’m Core as their hard drive and processor. So basically you install an app once and get to use it across all your devices, you add a contact once and all your devices can access it instantly, you download a movie once and watch it on any of your devices at the same time.

This is a clever solution to the clutter and difficulty many modern people face in keeping all their electronics synced up and up-to-date. The i’m Core will work with Android 4 and help streamline how users actually use their devices. It’s an interesting idea, and we’ll be keeping tabs to see if it gains any traction! Check them out at i’m Circle.

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