Intel Ultrabook says “Watch out Apple, You too Siri”

Today, Intel announced Ultrabook wave two, the foundation for future Intel-powered laptops. Ultrabooks will undoubtedly be ultra-thin and ultra-sexy, but they’ll have an extreme focus on capability, usability, and no compromises.With the next wave of Ultrabooks, Intel has made leaps to evolve computer usage and move beyond the traditional mouse and keyboard.

Intel has teamed up with Nuance Communications to provide a natural, multi-language, voice activated experience for the future of Ultrabook. It will be based on Nuance’s Dragon voice recognition technology, but optimized for the Intel architecture. You’ll be able to launch apps, play media, update your social networks, and pretty much command your computer workstation via voice. Sounds to us like Siri will have a new enemy friend in town.

Intel is also developing an intuitive short range gesture recognition for controlling your computer. They demoed a slingshot game controlled solely by hand movements, no touch. It’s similar to how Xbox Kinect works. In addition to voice control and natural gesture control, Intel is also working to expand on multi-touch control.

Within the last four months, more than 15 Ultrabook devices have been released, including models from Acer, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and Toshiba. The second wave of ultrabooks are based on the 3rd Gen Intel Core Processor, Ivy bridge, due out in the spring. There are already over 60 Ultrabook designs in the pipeline for 2012

Other key Ultrabook Targeted Features include the ultrathin design, with thicknesses less than 21mm, ultra-fast and almost-instant start-ups, 5-8 hours of battery life, and a large focus on hardware-based security. You can count on future Intel Ultrabooks giving Apple something to think about.

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