IOGEAR Wireless Multi-Touch Pad Reacts to Your Gestures

IOGEAR presented their Wireless Multi-Touch Pad with a five inch screen at CES 2012. Much like a tablet, it can respond to various gestures. Still there are the comforting old familiarities of the right/left clock mouse, but integrated with other features. Among those are the multi select, where you just double tap your finger to select multiple icons, and a section for drag and drop. Then there is the 1 finger gesture. No not that finger. It is for the mouse click, be it the usual right/left, mouse select, vertical scrolling, or the back and forward commands. Finally there is the 2 finger gestures that allow you to pan the screen side to side, up/down, and zoom in/out, or rotate an object.

In addition to all that, you can program six hot keys on top for controlling the A/V media functions as you see fit. So it could include volume, track skips, home, and others. This device works up to 33 feet away and may be a great option for an office presentation room or a home theater room. Available at IOGEAR for $79.95


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