Ion’s Guitar Apprentice Lets You Gets Hendrix’s Moves via an iPad


Ion are not shy when it comes to bringing out products which are both educational and entertaining (remember the Piano Apprentice?) though parents will probably place the brand new Guitar Apprentice firmly in the latter. Designed to help you master the guitar, the Guitar Apprentice features a full sized guitar.. with a twist. Rather than strings and a fretboard you have light up buttons that you depress in order to key in notes, and where the pickups and bridge would be  is a space for an iPad.

To use, you slot your iPad into the fretboard area and it slots in really firmly and tightly. You can then use an iPad compatible Application (they trialled it with Garage Band) to practise learning notes, chords and playing songs. When you press down chords (such as G, F, A minor to mention a few) the buttons will actually light up and hold in place, so you can then replicate this on a real guitar (though you may never want to progress away!)

It features a built in speaker with volume control and we guarantee that it feels like the real thing when you hold it. We love that they made this guitar to scale and the light up fretboard is the icing on the cake.  Ion is also looking at the Drum market to add to its Piano and Guitar lineup, and we can reveal they have a Drum Apprentice in the works (to be revealed later).

Prices are still to be determined at this point, though Q2 was mentioned as a possible release date.

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