iPhone App of the Week: TrapCall Reveals Blocked and Restricted Numbers For Incoming Calls

Picking up your phone and seeing that the phone number is blocked or restricted is never really a preferable experience. Granted, it could just be your mom calling on a landline. Or, it could be a telemarketer – and no one wants that. The TrapCall app sounds like it’ll be a solution for this problem, revealing not only the numbers that are blocked, but address and owner information, if available, as well.

Users of the iPhone app need only press the lock button twice to decline a blocked incoming call. Instead of actually declining the call, it will be rerouted to TrapCall’s systems, which will unmask the restricted or blocked number before routing the call back to you, with relevant information now included. If you’re not a fan of whoever is calling, you can decline permanently. And, by permanently, I mean permanently – users can have the app send unwanted callers a fake message saying that their number has been disconnected. The app also has a function that transcribes voicemail messages into text, for easier and more convenient access.

The TrapCall app itself is free, but if you want to use the service, you’ll need a TrapCall subscription. There are three levels of subscriptions. Bug Trap costs $4.95 per month, and doesn’t come with voicemail transcriptions or name and address information in the caller ID. Mouse Trap, which costs $9.95 per month, does all of those things, but only provides ten voicemail transcriptions per month. Bear Trap costs $24.95, and includes unlimited transcriptions and the ability to record incoming calls.

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