Your iPhone Now Has Built-in Mini-Blinds

You don’t like it when the sun gets in your eyes, so why should the iPhone. If you want that extra helping of privacy, have at it. The TopKase sliding shutter is one part hard-body iPhone 4S case and one part mini-blinds. The hard case is made of anodized aluminum that fits tightly around the iPhone 4S. The mini-blinds come in the form of sliding black shutters that cover the screen of the phone. Opening the shutters also acts as a swipe to unlock the phone, so your fingers don’t need to do double duty. We got some hands-on time with the case and while some might pass this off as a crapgadget, it actually might take off. The sliding screen does feel a bit on the cheap side but given that these are still in the development stage, I’m sure it will be improved over time. The TopKase sliding shutter will also be available for the iPad as well and once the company finds a distributor, you may start seeing this in stores on online. Hello Thinkgeek? Pricing and availability are unknown as of now, but according to the TopKase website, the sales website is expected to go live on February 1st.






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