Iqua Beat is Ready to Feel the Rhythm of Your Heart

It looks like CES 2012 is going to be pushing the fitness products big time and this new gadget from Iqua is the latest to help you get in shape. Iqua Beat tracks your heart rate, calorie consumption, steps, and distance traveled all the while providing audio encouragement and guidance as you work out.

The way Iqua Beat works is that the headset monitors your heart rate from your earlobe, while the earpieces provide a secure in-ear perfect for all types of sports. Lastly, the iPhone app, lets you plan a workout specifically tailored to your fitness goals. The app shows real-time information about the workout and a live map view. After the workout, the app can be used to view, edit, and compare stats, or share workouts with friends on Facebook.

In addition to being your personal workout buddy, the Iqua Beat Bluetooth stereo headset also works as a decent pair of in-ear headphones with hands free control. Iqua Beat’s release date and pricing is TBD.

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