iSafe Waist Pack With Built-in Alarm Review, Keep Perps Away From Your Belly

The new iSafe Waist Pack is an item that may just be indispensable for your workout. Why? It’s not just a pack to carry your water, wallet and keys while you walk, but it also includes an EXTREMELY loud personal alarm. This is an item that we wish we didn’t need, but these days more and more are concerned with their personal safety.

At first glance it may look a bit bulky, but it’s not too bad considering what you get. The bag itself weighs less than a pound and there is easily enough room for your essentials, keys, phone, whatever you can’t leave home without. But if you don’t overload it, it’s not going to be a hindrance.

The alarm system is also quite small. There are two speakers and a central control box. All connected by a few small wires. This is all powered by 9 volt batteries which should keep the alarm going for about 2 hours. All this is neatly organized into the front pocket. It’s quite secure too. Each item is housed in its own Velcro sealed pouch. It’s tucked in nicely so that that pocket can still be used for your personal items without a problem.

Triggering the alarm itself is very simple. There is a little Velcro flap on the outside which covers a little wire. It looks about like a headphone jack. It is conveniently located so that you could simply slide your thumb thru the loop if sense danger and be ready to pull the cord.  This you can do with hardly any effort at all, and once you pull it, one of the loudest, shrieking alarms you have ever heard begins to sound, there are also some very bright lights that begin to flash. It will certainly attract some attention. To stop the alarm, you simply reinsert the plug into the little hole.

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Other than the alarm system, the iSafe Waist Pack is pretty standard. It’s water resistant and seems to be well made and should last a long time. So if you have been holding back from walking in the park or you’ve been feeling a little nervous about walking down the street this could really help you and give you added security. Keep in mind that it’s not a guarantee of safety, but a little added protection may be just what you need. It’s been suggested that it may also work well for hikers. If you were to be injured, it could be used to help others find you. It’s available for $39.99, not a bad price especially when you think about how helpful it could be.

The Good: Very loud alarm.

The Bad: A little bulky.

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