iSkin Solo FX iPhone 4S Case Review

Add some sass to your iPhone 4 or 4S with the iSkin Solo FX SE. The iSkin Solo is a form-fitting and translucent case that offers ample protection, a solid grip, a comfortable feel, and dangerously good looks.

The iSkin Solo is made of a “new generation thermoplastic”, which is kind of like a rubbery plastic. It’s firm yet flexible and contains no harmful chemicals. It provides the perfect fit for iPhone and even has button overlays for the volume and lock buttons so you don’t have to dig to access them.

All of the iSkin Solos are translucent and allow iPhone to clearly display its sexy Apple logo right through the case. The FX SE (Special Edition) takes the translucence a step further by adding an almost leopard-print like tattoo of alternative transparency. In the right light this tattoo really presents itself and looks seriously awesome.

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The iSkin Solo offers some nice protection and durability. It’s pretty lightweight and the thermoplastic feels great in-hand. There’s a small raised bezel that runs around iPhone’s face, which helps keep the screen protected.

The iSkin Solo is available in four glossy, “seductive”, and translucent colors: carbon, pink, aqua, and purple. The patterned Solo FX SE is also available in all of these colors. They can be purchased at iSkin.com for $29.99 and an additional $5 for the FX SE model. They fit iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S on all carriers. Depending on the color, the iSkin Solo FX SE can be found from $15-$25 on Amazon.com. The case came with a cleaning cloth, an antibacterial wipe, and even iSkin stickers.

The Good: Looks Great, Feels Nice, Durable, Button Overlays, Light, Apple Features Shine Through Case, Easy to Insert and Remove iPhone

The Bad: Lock Button Needs to Line up Perfectly with Overlay, Perimeter Fit Loosens Over Time

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