iTwin Multi Expands on the Already Limitless Remote Access Storage

iTwin announced at CES 2012 a free upgrade to the existing iTwin we reviewed back in July. As our reporter Scott then explained: “Plug each half of the iTwin USB drive into an online computer, and you’ll be able to securely access, edit, download, and upload files between both computers. iTwin uses an end-to-end AES-256 encryption to enable a secure connection between any two computers in the world.” The change with the iTwin Multi is that it now enables users to share files on a computer with multiple users at the same time. Think of them as workgroups. Here is how they explain it’s possibilites:

With iTwin Multi, multiple users and workgroups can simply and safely connect multiple iTwins to the same computer to remotely access, edit and share files, without the headaches associated with email, VPN, or remote access software. For example, using iTwin Multi, field sales reps can remotely download or upload the latest confidential client contracts and proposals. Similarly, small businesses such as CPA firms can securely share large accounting files and other sensitive data with multiple clients.

Available at iTwin now.

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