K-array’s Ecodock, a Mini Loudspeaker for iPhone 4 & 4S

K-array announced Ecodock today at CES 2012. It’s kind of like that little niece of yours that is so cute but makes so much noise that you question if the laws of physic apply to her. This itsy bitsy speaker is capable of boosting the audio signal by up to 10dB, all the while with no battery or external power supply. Much like your niece, the Ecodock utilizes the natural laws of physics as well as the principle of the ‘horn loudspeaker’ to ever so efficiently distribute acoustic energy over a wide air surface, thus increasing the sound exponentially. This would make a great accessory for using as a speakerphone or amplifying music a little.

Not only that, it is just so pretty made out of clear Plexiglass that has a similar form to the iPhone. At $19.99 the price is not bad. Each sale provides a portion to donate to the “A Smile for Burkina” association, a charitable organization dedicated to helping the “Les Saints Innocents.” That is a children’s orphanage in Burkina Faso, which is one of the poorest West African countries in the world. “Les Saints Innocents” is home to 130 orphans, four nuns and 16 caregivers. For more information on this check them out here.


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