Karotz Is Easier to Take Care Of Than a Real Rabbit

This bunny might have a hefty price tag, but look on the bright side – you don’t need to feed it, buy a cage for it, or take it to the vet. Karotz is a robotic rabbit that interacts with you and the Internet, filling your life with quirky sayings and a wide array of ear movements and colors.

Karotz connects to a Wi-Fi network and functions through a variety of apps that are downloaded from and managed on the Karotz website. Right now, this means you can program your Karotz to give you the weather, connect to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or find a wide range of information on the Internet and read it back to you. When using Karotz with social media sites, you can record audio clips that can be posted to your feeds, or send messages to friends directly through your new, not-so-furry pal. Karotz features a webcam and voice recognition technology, both of which should see more use as new apps are developed.

Karotz also works with special RFID keychains that can be programmed with various tasks. For example, one keychain could be programmed to send a message to a designated recipient – a child could return home from school, wave the keychain in front of Karotz, and the parent would instantly receive a message saying their child had returned home. A USB port on the back allows Karotz to play music, as well.

Karotz’ voice doesn’t exactly match its cute appearance, sounding a little robotic as of now. The good thing is that, with software updates and apps constantly being released, Karotz is very flexible, and should change and improve dramatically as time goes on. Thanks to recent developments, Karotz can now be used by Facebook friends to send messages or audio clips directly through the rabbit itself, or send a poke that will result in Karotz’ ears moving around and changing colors. If you’re in need of a little electronic companionship these days, keep an eye on this little guy.

Karotz is available now from several online retailers for around $130.

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